About Us

The Facilities

  • Country Spaw & Resort is an 8-acre property located in North Gower, Ontario, south of Ottawa.
  • We adhere to extremely strict standards of cleanliness and can accommodate¬†dogs.
  • Our open-concept heated and ventilated facility allows “guests” to see each other and promotes social integration while helping to prevent homesickness.
  • The “guest rooms” themselves are 4′ X 4′, but can be enlarged to house families of two dogs or more.
  • Just outside of the “main lobby” there is a 1/3 acre fenced run where “guests” will enjoy exercise and supervised play time.

The Owners

  • Prior to opening Country Spaw & Resort, Francine Paradis and Maria Vila owned a very successful pet food and supply store for five years.
  • They are the proud owners of 3 Labrador Retrievers, 2 Bichon/Shih Tzu’s, 1 Goldendoodle, and 4 cats.