Choosing Great Dog Food

How To Choose the Right Food for your Dog

For most of us, our pets are an extension of our family. When the time comes to make decisions about their food you might want to consider the following…

The Importance of Protein

  • The first ingredient should always be a protein such as lamb, chicken, beef, salmon etc..and the protein should be followed by the word “meal”. If the protein is followed by the word meal, the moisture has been removed and it is a dry ingredient containing more protein. The ingredients are raw and listed in accordance to their weight. For example if the protein listed is chicken without the word meal, they would have to put 5 chickens to equal to 1 lbs of cooked chicken. If this formula is not followed than the chicken will not remain as the 1st ingredient in the dog food once proscessed. However if the protein is listed as chicken meal this is the dehydrated chicken and bones and the this protein will remain the number one ingredients once the food has been processed.

A Quality Carbohydrate

  • After the protein, there should be a good carbohydrate such as browm rice, potato or sweet potato. Other ingredients to look for are omega 3 and 6 such as flax seed, canola and fish oils. These oils will help with your dog’s skin and coat. Herbs such as garlic and parsley will help the digestion and keep the immune system healthy. Yucca will remove amnonia in the urine and reduce the odod in the stools.

What to Avoid

  • You will want to avoid by-products, artificial preserevatives, colours or flavours and sorghum.
  • If your dog has any sensitivity it is best to stay away from any corn and wheat products.