How to Choose the Right Kennel

Finding a kennel that will provide the same loving care that you give your pet can be stressful for both you and your dog.

  • Do your homework.
    It pays to do your homework.  Don’t rely just on the yellow pages….ask family and friends if they know or use a reputable kennel that they would recommend.  Then, pay it a visit.  
  • Ask to see the accomodations.
    Ask to see where the dogs are being kept.  Be wary if you are not permitted.  Inquire about the exercise and play time your pet will be given and whether they socialize with other dogs.  If they do, how is it determined which dogs will go out together?  
  • Ask about the food.
    Ask about the food they are given and what could be done to accommodate your dog if he has special dietary needs.  
  • Ask about emergency care
    Ask about policy and procedures surrounding emergency care and how the kennel would handle the situation should your dog get sick or injured.

What does your dog think of the place?
Perhaps the best judge of a potential home-away-from-home  would be your dog.  Bring your pet with you to visit the kennel and meet the person who will be taking  care of him. Listen to your dog……if he/she shows signs of nervousness or stress that does not start to disappear after a few minutes, perhaps this is not the right choice.  

For your dog to have a great kennel experience, and for you to have good peace of mind, make sure you choose a kennel that is a good fit for your pet.