Here’s what they’re saying about “The SPAW”  Dog with wrinkles


“Recently our Springer Spaniel spent 11 days at Country Spaw and Resort. While slightly outside the city, the 20 minute drive to North Gower is absolutely worth the drive. Owners Francine and Maria are so in tune with the needs of their 4-legged guests. Other kennels I have experienced can be loud and stressful on the dogs, Country Spaw and Resort is the exact opposite. Francine and Maria limit the amount of dogs to a manageable level that minimizes noise and anxiety, while allowing for very personal care for each guest in their kennel. Our energetic 2 year-old had a great time experiencing 4-5 hours a day outside and off leash, playing with other dogs in a safe and loving environment.

We can’t say enough about the care our pup received and highly recommend Country Spaw and Resort for your pets.”

Andy and Marta Dunand


Over the last decade plus, Francine and Maria have looked after our three “babes” – we would not consider taking them anywhere else. This past summer, we lost our awesome Starshine to acute leukaemia and became the proud guardians of another golden – Tazannah (now 6 months old). Needless to say, our world revolves around her as she is our only one now. As we had to go to Toronto for a few days in December, we called Francine & Maria, as we could not go away if they could not take her. I must say she had an awesome time. She had a great time playing with other young dogs and she definitely slept well that night – and the next day!
I cannot imagine a better place to leave our girl – or more caring and knowledgeable caregivers than Francine and Maria.
Thank you so much ladies. You are so appreciated.

Faith, Len and Taz


I have been taking my two dogs, Hoover and Martha, to stay with Francine and Maria for the last two years. Hoover stays on an overnight visit and day time visit weekly.  Hoover has special needs, both physically and tempermentally, and Francine cares for him wonderfully.  He is a happy boy and is as well balanced as he will ever be largely because of her efforts.  Martha is an energetic, over the top bundle of energy who loves every minute she spends at the kennel.  She comes home tired and happy every time that she vacations with them and just vibrates when she realizes she is going to be able to stay rather than coming home with me.  Francine and Maria have become an integral part of our family routine and they are truly appreciated.
Liz Moore

Sprocket has been going to the Spaw since he was 9 weeks old and couldn’t be left alone when I did long shifts. Francine and Maria took him past the kennel and into their home for those early weeks, because he didn’t have all his shots yet.  Since then, he has been going for daycare several times a month, for overnight boarding when we go away, and gets all his grooming done there as well.  He gets excited when he realizes we are going to the Spaw to drop him off, and occasionally has even been reluctant to come home with me at the end of a session at daycare!  Francine and Maria love him like he’s one of their own.

By coincidence, they also were the ones to donate the dog food he was started on at the rescue organization where we adopted him, so when he started going to the Spaw, we continued him on the same Legacy food, which we also buy there.  He’s grown into a healthy, happy dog, and is very well-socialized, all with the help of the Spaw, and I’m thankful for the care they give him.  It is a relief to know he’s having a great time when I can’t be home with him.
Lesley Spencer

Four years ago we were searching for a kennel for our Golden Retriever puppy. Many places were listed in the phone book, but it was a friend, and dog lover, who recommended “The Country Spaw” to us.

Francine and Maria, the owners of “The Country Spaw” invited us to visit their facility. As we drove into their beautiful country property we were greeted enthusiastically by a group of dogs who were having a great time playing in a huge, securely-fenced field that is conveniently attached to the kennels.

Inside the “Spaw” itself the space is sectioned into areas with large individual kennels, climate controlled for all our Canadian seasons and with very clean and immaculate conditions.

Rexton (Rex) has been going to The Country Spaw on a regular basis. His love for Francine and Maria is always evident. Each time we drop him off he can barely contain himself once he knows his destination. As he bounds to greet them his tail wags frantically.

The Country Spaw offers a secure and caring environment for our dog, as well as excellent grooming services provided by Maria. We also purchase our dog food through them. The Legacy brand has superior ingredients – we’ve checked pet food products in other stores.

It is so nice to be able to go away knowing that Rex is left in such a wonderful, caring  facility.
Jacquie Clements

Ruslan and Kelly love their trips to Francine and Maria’s spaw!
Regan Gigal

I just wanted to thank you for taking care of our precious Armani. He had a wonderful time at your SPAW! We will be definitely using your services again and again ….It is such a relief to know that he was in a loving environment. You are so great with all the dogs!

I also wanted to thank you for the great job you did with bathing Armani. You worked very hard as I know how long and hard it is too groom him. It is very much appreciated as he looks as handsome as ever, (you’re the best grooming services we have been to).
Till next time.
Morozuk family

My husband & I were on a holiday in Europe for two weeks and I have to commend Francine and Maria for the incredible care they gave to our three dogs. Our older golden boy – Sunshine – who does not like to leave us – was so happy to see Francine, that I could not believe how he just went to her. Likewise our other golden, Star, and our shitzu-poodle, Marnie, went to them without hesitation. After we were gone a week, I really missed them and wrote to see how they were. Francine and Maria wrote us back and even sent us pictures of them playing with their friends. I love the socialization they have at Country Spaw – and the fun with other dogs.

When we came to pick them up, it was evident that they were happy. I find it amazing that when our dogs come home from there, they do not smell of “kennel”. This facility is incredibly clean without smelling of chemicals and I cannot imagine leaving our dogs anywhere else.

Thank you ladies. You are awesome!
Faith S. North Gower