Why Socialize your Dog?


When you get a dog, it is important that they become socialized at a young age so that they will fit well into your family and society. You must also maintain the socialization all through your dog’s life. The best way to accomplish this is to expose him to as many dogs, people, places, and noises as possible, as soon as you can. If you take the time and effort to train and socialize your dog, you will have a pet that is sound, secure and well adjusted.

How to socialize…..bring your dog to the pet store, go to dog parks, enroll him in a doggie daycare setting, expose him to different noises. Should your dog show any signs of fear, help him overcome the fear by turning it into a positive experience. The best way to do that is to act normally…..do NOT coddle the dog or pick him up . Encourage him to continue walking next to you. A small treat might help turn the fear to a positive experience. You may feel like you are pulling the dog but, it is fine to keep his head up and continue to encourage him to walk. Once your dog sees that he is ok, he will start relaxing and will overcome his anxiety. A well socialized dog can accompany you almost anywhere and will behave when meeting people and other dogs.

You can be a proud and happy dog owner, able to enjoy many years with a great canine companion by continuing to work with your dog every day. The most common error that people can make is to think that once the dog has matured, they no longer need to be socialized. It is a lifetime skill your pet needs to develop and maintain or else it can start to diminish and you’ll be back at square one. Remember EXERCISE, DISCIPLINE and LOVE your dog.