Why Training your Dog is Important

Don’t be fooled… just because you have a little dog doesn’t mean training isn’t as important as if you had a large one. Dog owners sometimes are more lax when it comes to training small dogs because they don’t believe the animal will do much harm if they jump up or behave badly.

By not taking the time to properly train your pet, you are doing it a disservice.  He/she could end up with separation anxiety or be prone to biting, fear aggression or dominance.  During the training, the dog may resist by becoming aggressive or trying to bite.  Once he realizes you are in control and he is no longer “top dog” then the bad behaviour should  stop.

It may be difficult to watch your pet challenge their training, but it’s important to understand  that as much as you love your dog, they are still dogs and will behave as such.  As owners, you need to start thinking that dogs have different needs than humans when you enter into the training process.

Conclusion – Invest in your pet and enjoy them for life
Similar to raising children, the more time you invest in your pet, the better adjusted they become and the more you can enjoy your canine companion as part of your family.